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Miracles Start to Happen When You Give As Much Energy to Your Dreams As You Do to Your Fears

If you’re a worrier, you know how difficult it is to stop worrying.

People tell you to stop worrying but their advice, however well-intentioned, does very little to stop you from worrying. Trying to stop your worrying is much like me asking you not to think of a white bear.

Of course, the moment you read this you think of a white bear.

Is anxiety and fear a major problem in your life?

If you’re like most people, then you know how difficult it can be to get a handle on anxiety. It’s not that you just have anxiety: You have a problem with anxiety, and it is felt in both mind and body.

You know it very well: That constant feeling of tension and apprehension. Anxiety has started to cost in that you are missing out on living the life you want in order to avoid feeling anxious and afraid – or even terrified.

This is no way to live a peaceful, meaningful life.

Up to this point, you probably have already done various things to manage or reduce your worries, fears, panic, and tension. In the long term, however, have they truly worked?

One of the first steps toward true, long-lasting recovery is to face and own up the fact that – so far – pretty much everything you have tried to get rid of your anxieties and fears hasn’t really worked the way you really want.

Life could be different.

In your mind’s eye, sometimes you picture yourself handling anxiety much differently than you do now. Instead of avoiding situations that make you feel scared, anxious, or nervous, you face them head on, with reassurance and self-confidence. In your mind’s eye, sometimes you picture yourself no longer self-medicating or distracting yourself from anxiety, fear, and worrisome thoughts – only to find out that they come back time and time again.

Instead, you reduce your reactivity to anxiety and fears, and apply a set of skills that you have learned so that you can dedicate more of your energies to aspects of life that truly matter to you.

Therapy Can Help

You – like all of us – experience worry, anxiety, and fears, and they do not have to become such a central part of your life that you wind up missing out on the things truly matter to you: work, finances, family, friends, health, vacationing: You name it!

You, too, can learn to experience anxiety and fear without it being problematic. You can become less avoidant and more accepting of anxiety and uncertainty in life.

Reducing anxiety and fear is possible. Through a variety of tools, strategies, and techniques that have been proven effective you can live a more valued life: you can experience a decline in your anxiety, fears, and depression, and ultimate improvements in your life. These tools, strategies, and techniques can help you regardless of whether your worry and anxiety – even panic – is triggered by specific situations, objects, animals, places, people, or have no apparent trigger.

Take your life back. Learn to disarm anxiety and fear. Start living more fully and deeply.

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I Can Help

I can help you develop day-to-day habits that you can incorporate into your lifestyle so that you may regain a sense of balance and control your anxiety instead of it controlling you.

I understand and can relate to your difficulty – I have recovered from debilitating anxiety myself. I can help and support you in your own recovery. I can give you time-tested, trusted guidance on teaching your body and mind to properly cope with worry, anxiety, and panic.

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